Tuesday, November 2, 2021

screen proyektor manual 96"(244cm x 244cm)

Nama Produk screen proyektor manual 96"(244cm x 244cm)
keterangan Produk layar projector manual

Screen proyektor manual

Main Features

1. Using the international popular octogonal shape of galvanized steel case,salid and durable,simple shape,elegant style and suitable modern aetshethic.

2. Using patented technology automation self-lock system,using fluid: it can stay at any position, and lightly pull,use te spring will automatically return to coiling block.

3. Using special unique patterns,change the traditional fabric of direct reflection,using diffuse reflection to whole projection screen achieve the same effects.

4. it can be used for different various places,especially schools,business,etc.
Harga 1800000
Nama irpan
Phone 089631733411
Website www.jual-screenproyektor.com Tarikh: 2021-11-02 08:43:45

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