Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Awesome english language center

Iklan Percuma No: [#609]

Tajuk Iklan anda Awesome english language center
Keterangan Iklan anda Awesome English Language Center applies the Communicative Approach to English language teaching. The adoption of the Communicative Approach has become widespread in English language instruction worldwide. Its effectiveness has been proven in delivering faster, better results and generating student interest. Gone are the days of boring, lecture-based English language classes. In a student-centered classroom, learners are encouraged to practice and apply what they are learning, with the objective of meeting real world outcomes. Awesome is proud to have experienced English teachers and English native speaking teachers (American and British) among its instructional staff. The educational focus of our staff is to help the students learn and master the English language in a short period of time.
Harga 1250.00
No Phone 03-41316671
Muat Naik Imej Iklan anda
Website http://awesome.edu.my

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